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Master Hodson’s Black Belt Interviews: Founding Pioneer Supreme Master Bok Man Kim

Master Hodson interviewed Taekwondo founding pioneer Supreme Master Bok Man Kim (assisted by Grandmaster Brad Shipp) in early August 2021 about his life’s work with Taekwondo and the martial arts.

From Master Hodson’s description: Supreme Master Kim began his journey in the martial arts in 1941 when he was just 7 years old and has devoted his life ever since to advance the techniques he began to develop in his homeland during the brutal Japanese occupation (22 Aug 1910 – 2 Sept 1945), the atrocities of World War II (1 Sept 1939 – 2 Sept 1945), and, finally, the divisive Korean War (25 Jun 1950 – 27 Jul 1953), which not only separated families but split the Korean Peninsula along the 38th Parallel. Despite many obstacles, Supreme Master Kim helped Taekwon-do emerge from those dark hours and propagate around the world.

Supreme Master Kim Bok-Man’s interview is available on YouTube (video) and Spreaker (audio).


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