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Malaysian Team Places in UKTC 2021 Champions League ITF Pattern Championships

Final results for the UKTC 2021 Champions League Online ITF Pattern Competition have been published. The competition was a great success organised by the World ITF Taekwon-Do Council (WITC).

Congratulations to the following students of JG World Taekwondo Academy on their success in the championship, the only team representing Malaysia.

Junior Yellow Belt Female 9-17 years old
1st Place Gold (Tan Yee Xuan)
2nd Place Silver (Wong Vic Sheen)
3rd Place Bronze (Tan Yee Enn)

Junior Yellow Belt Male 5-8 years old
1st Place Gold (Tan Yong Benn)

Junior Green Belt Female 9-17 years old
5th Placing (Wong Yi Xian)

And from JG World Taekwondo Academy team/Visual Martial Arts club

Adult Black Belt Male 2nd Dan 18-34 years old
2nd Place Silver (Sean Jeremiah William)

More information about JG World Taekwondo Academy can be found here.

The UK Taekwon-do Council hosted their first Taekwon-Do Champions League pattern competition of 2021 from 12 February – 17th March. Results were announced on Sunday 21st March 2021. The competition was open to all UKTC students (Active Tigers & ITF Taekwon-Do) and students from all other Taekwon-Do organisations from White Belt to Black Belt 3rd Dan (Children 5-17, Adults 18-34 & Veterans 35+). More information about the UKTC 2021 Online UK Open ITF Taekwond-do Pattern Championships can be found here.

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